Deomed Smart Seacell socks Non - Compressive, Breathable Socks

“These loose cling socks are very good for not stopping the circulation in your legs”

  • Non-compressive
  • Seamless and ultra-comfortable
  • Zinc enriched and anti-bacterial
  • Supports lower leg circulation
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Deomed SeaCell Non - Elastic, Breathable Socks

Designed for diabetics and those with lower leg circulation issues, skin allergies or uncomfortable, hot feet. SeaCell socks are medical socks that are woven with sea algae. These socks make perfect use of sea algae, which is rich in nourishing minerals found in the sea. These breathable socks help prevent fungal infections and skin allergies that afflict the feet of diabetics due to poor blood circulation. Moreover, SeaCell socks are made from Lyocell fibre which makes them soft and breathable.

SeaCell Non-Elastic breathable socks are highly recommended for people with dermatological problems with their feet, circulatory problems and diabetes.

Another redeeming quality of SeaCell socks is that they have threads of silver in their fabric. The silver ions reduce bacteria present on your skin and guard it against odour and discomfort. Also, you can wash and wear SeaCell socks as many times as you want because these socks retain their healing properties even after repeated washing.

Product Features

  • Nourish and oxygenate the skin.
  • Seamless stitching for maximum comfort.
  • Highly elastic and non-compressive.
  • Provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal effects.
  • Prevents odour and keeps your feet fresh all day long.
  • Recommended for diabetics and people with poor blood circulation.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Effective after repeated washing.
  • Available in 3 sizes

Product Details

SeaCell breathable socks are loaded with the power of zinc and other minerals that are found in the sea. These socks provide you with a combination of therapeutic and anti-bacterial effect. Sea algae absorb vital minerals present in the sea, while the zinc content keeps your feet feeling fresh and clean.

SeaCell breathable socks have multiple benefits for those suffering from diabetes. These medical socks are non-compressive and non-elastic, which means they are designed to enhance blood circulation and prevent the pooling of blood in the feet. The unique knitting of these socks holds them up without making them tight for you, while Lyocell fibre makes the socks ultra-soft and breathable. Furthermore, SeaCell breathable socks prevent discomfort around the legs, which is particularly useful for people who are prone to fluid retention in the legs and feet.

Materials Used in SeaCell Breathable Socks

  • 56% of Cotton
  • 19% of Polyamind
  • 23% of Lyocell with seaweed
  • 3% of Lycra
  • 000ppm of Silver

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