Paingone Fllow Expert - Circulation Device To Improve Leg Circulation

  • Improves Circulation and Relieves discomfort in your legs and feet
  • Unique 3 in 1 system: 150 levels of intensity and 25 Opti-Fllow waveforms
  • Removable Wireless Remote Control and Recline Mode
  • Rechargeable battery up to 36 hours autonomy
  • CE certified medical device
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We all want to be healthier and happier and enjoy the activities we love without restriction. Paingone Fllow is the registered medical device that has been designed specifically to help relieve tired, aching and painful legs, promote blood flow in the legs and feet and relieve the pain often associated with arthritis of the knee.


If you suffer with the pain associated with arthritis, joint pain, or pain in your legs and feet, you need to try Paingone Fllow. This medical device has been specifically designed to help improve lower leg disorders – often the cause of painful legs and swollen feet – by assisting with blood flow and encouraging leg health. Paingone Fllow is a circulation machine which uses clinically effective TENS therapy to help the pain and health disorders associated with restless legs, osteoarthritis, swollen legs and feet, heavy legs and leg cramps. It features a clever 3 in 1 system that can be used individually or together in a combination treatment. Plus, benefit from 25 Opti-Fllow waveforms and 150 intensity levels to tailor your targeted treatment precisely.

  • WIRELESS & RECHARGEABLE Fllow is equipped with a rechargeable battery for up to 36 hours charge, so you can use it around your home, or take it with you wherever you go.
  • WORKS LYING DOWN Use Fllow anywhere – on a chair, lying on your bed...anywhere! Its legs are adjustable to suit your height and the create the most comfortable angle for you, to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.
  • TOUCH SCREEN Fllow has a clear, easy to read screen which makes it simple to see, and easy to operate and use. Its sensitive buttons respond to just a light touch. This lightweight remote makes changing settings easy. It even boasts a Find My Remote safety feature to help you to locate it should you misplace it.
  • FREE FOOT COVER A foot cover is included which slips easily over the device to help your feet from becoming uncomfortably cold.

There is perhaps no greater endorsement for the effectiveness of a product than the reviews of those who are already reaping the rewards of ownership. The Paingone Fllow has earned a clean sweep of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot:

Brian Swinford

 “The Paingone Fllow is a well made and wonderfully designed product, great to use for all those leg and feet aches and pains. Sit or lay down and just relax and ease all the pain and stress each day or as required. Easy to set up and use’s an item that’s worth the purchase and I highly recommend it.”

Carolyn Robinson

“It’s easy to use and simple to work. Very good.”

Susan Kemp

“My legs appreciate the improvement and my feet feel lighter.”

How to use Fllow
Simply put your feet on each of the cushioned footpads and relax as Fllow delivers the electrical pulses through the soles of the feet and into the lower legs. The pulses work to encourage your calf muscles to gently contract which in turn helps to boost increased blood flow to naturally flow up and down the legs which is highly effective at preventing pain and discomfort and reducing the heavy sensation that is so common with joint and arthritic pain.

Once you have selected the most appropriate strength or intensity for you, you can sit back and let Fllow work its magic. With 25 Opti-Form waveforms to choose from, you can tailor make your own individual program to suit you and your individual requirements. Some users will require ahigher level of intensity to target their pain and others may need less, depending on the degree of pain you experience. The programs feature unique speeds, patterns and types for a varied and enjoyable experience.

Mode 1 - Feet and legs.

After selecting your intensity, place bare feet on the and use the device for 30 minutes. Fllow works to  and stimulate the muscle in the legs

encouraging blood to pump through the veins, which can help to boost blood flow to the feet and legs.

Mode 2 - Knee pain

Specially designed Artho-Fllow electrode pads work to help tackle the pain of arthritis, when they are worn directly on the legs to provide targeted relief from the discomfort from arthritis within the knee.

Mode 3 - For other areas 

Fllow can also be used on other areas of the body, thanks to the TENS electrode pads which are safe to use almost everywhere, they provide targeted relief from pain without then need for medication

*You should not use Fllow if the following applies to you: If you have or are suspected to have epilepsy, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease or a malignant tumor; If you are pregnant or believe you may be pregnant; If you have a pacemaker fitted or some other implantable cardiac defibrillator device; If you have, had or believe to have a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) – symptoms include throbbing and cramping pain in one leg around the calf and thigh area, warm skin to the touch, swollen veins that are painful and hard to the touch, redness or darkening to the area of skin where the pain is, and if you are currently in treatment for or are in remission from cancer. Consult your GP to see whether Fllow is suitable for you before use.

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