Medoprostate Syrup 250ml

Delicious to drink and full of health promoting nutrients, Medoprostate Syrup is a tasty, convenient way to safeguard your prostate. Taken daily Medoprostate provides the perfect natural insurance for the future health of your prostate gland.

A 250ml bottle typically lasts 4 weeks although we recommend to use the first bottle over 2 weeks.

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Medoprostate Syrup 250ml

It’s never too late to start protecting your prostate. You can start right now by drinking Medoprostate syrup every day…

It’s a sad fact that by age of 50, at least one in every two men will find themselves suffering from prostate problems. And by 70, a staggering three quarters of all men are likely to be affected

5 Tell-tale signs that you may have an enlarged prostate

1. Frequent middle-of-the-night trips to bathroom.
2. Sudden uncontrollable urges to urinate
3. Embarrassing accidental leakage and stains
4. Irritation, discomfort and pain
5. Sexual frustration

What you do now, affects your future

According to experts, prostate gland enlargement usually occurs as a result of nutritional deficiencies and the damage often only becomes apparent much later on.
To prevent prostate problems, it is best to start supplying your body now with the optimum nutrition needed to support and maintain a healthy prostate for life.

One simple way to accomplish this is with a daily dose of Medoprostate Syrup. It combines the powerful properties and amino acids of pumpkin seeds, with the prostate health mineral, zinc.

Why Zinc and pumpkin seeds may be crucial to a healthy prostate gland

Studies show that zinc is probably one of the single most important nutrients for a healthy prostate gland. A normal prostate gland contains more zinc than any other organ. Conversely, zinc-deficiency has been shown to cause enlargement of the prostate. Experts suggest that frequent or chronic prostate infections may be a sign of low zinc levels.

Pumpkin seeds contain large amounts of amino acids, which have been found to be extremely important in treatment of enlarged prostates. Pumpkin seeds are also rich source of zinc, which is why some authorities actually recommend eating pumpkin seeds as a natural way of alleviating this disorder

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