Wrinkles & Age Spots Treatment & Remedies

Wrinkles & Age Spots - one of the most noticeable effects of ageing is on our skin How will my skin change over time? 

As you age you may notice your skin becomes rougher and drier, more fragile and easily bruised and broken. Also due to reduced elastin and collagen the skin may begin to sag. Two of the most common signs of ageing that bother us are wrinkles and age spots.

What are wrinkles?
Wrinkles are folds or furrows in the skin; crow's feet, laughter lines, frown lines and forehead creases are some of the most common. Wrinkles can be fine surface lines or much deeper furrows. They are more likely to appear in areas exposed to the sun, and can also be hereditary (meaning some families wrinkle more than others).

What are age spots?
Age spots are also known as liver spots or hyper-pigmentation. Despite the name “liver spots” they are unrelated to the liver and are caused by exposure to the sun. They are grey, brown or black patches on the skin which vary in size. They tend to be flat and rounded at the edges. Age spots can be mistaken for cancerous growths. For skin cancer look out for changes in size, shape and colour of birthmarks, moles and spots and if unsure don't be afraid to check with your doctor. However age spots themselves are harmless and are just a cosmetic concern.

Tower Health's natural anti-ageing treatments
Some people are happy to grow old gracefully whilst others turn to surgery to keep themselves looking young. A healthy diet, keeping hydrated, not smoking and minimising sun exposure will all help keep your skin looking as young as possible.

For dry and ageing skin, moisturisers such as Royal Jelly are popular and will make skin firmer, softer and smoother. Take a look at Tower Health's Royal Jelly Balm and Royal Jelly Soap natural products.


Age spots can be bleached, or helped to fade away using natural products such as Asafoetida, which is gentle and effective, and can be used on your face and hands. Find out more about our Age Blemish Cream featuring Asafoetida.