What Is Tennis Elbow and How To Treat

Tennis Elbow - a condition which causes pain in the outside of your elbow What is Tennis elbow? 

An Tennis elbow  is a condition which causes pain in the outside of your elbow. It is caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons in the forearm. It can be brought on by playing tennis but is more commonly caused by other activities which put stress on the elbow, such as decorating and housework. The medical name for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis.

Who can it affect

Tennis elbow is most common between the ages of 35 and 55, and is more likely to occur if you have weak forearm muscles and suddenly start doing an activity which is unusual for you. Tennis elbow affects about 5 in 1000 adults annually and can be easily diagnosed by your doctor.

If you have tennis elbow you may experience pain when lifting or bending your arm, gripping small objects or twisting your forearm for example in opening a jar or a door.

How to treat Tennis Elbow
Tennis elbow usually clears up by itself. As it is caused by overuse, the pain you suffer from tennis elbow usually causes you to stop the activity and avoid using it as much as possible which results in improvement. Painkillers can help reduce pain, and a support bandage may help.

If symptoms persist, physiotherapy or steroid injections may be required.

Tower Health's natural Tennis Elbow solutions 
Muscle balms and gels can also provide relief, as can hot and cold treatments such as ice or a hot water bottle.

Tower Health's best selling Pain Gone Pen can also be used on acupressure points on the elbow to relieve pain. This small, compact medical device has been supplied to the NHS for over 10 years and can be used anywhere, any time.