Scar treatment

Scars - is a mark which occurs as a result of damage to skin How do scars occur? 

A scar   is a mark that is left on the skin which occurs as a result of damage to skin, forming during of the healing process. Scars can be caused by surgery, accidental injuries such as cuts and burns, and as a result of conditions such as acne or chicken pox. Stretch marks that appear on the skin after pregnancy or weight gain are also a type of scar.  

Types of scars
Scars vary from being red and raised (hypertrophic scars), to pitted scars which have a sunken appearance, and contracture scars caused by skin tightening for example after a burn. Some people are genetically more likely to experience keloid scars which are thicker, itchy and spread outside of the initial wound area.

Back pain is a common complaint with over 70% of adults suffering at some point in their lives. Most commonly your back pain will be non-specific lower back pain. This means that is not due to any specific disease or serious back problem. However this doesn't stop it being painful and non-specific back pain can last up to 12 weeks.

How to treat scars
It isn't possible to prevent a scar from forming. Looking after your wound can help make your scar less visible however. If you burn yourself, hold the affected area under cool water for 10-15 minutes to reduce the burning. For cuts ensure you clean the wound with antiseptic to remove dirt, objects and dead tissue and keep it clean, covering it if necessary with a plaster or bandage. Also avoid scratching or picking scabs and spots.

Scars will fade over time, with much of the improvement seen over the first two years. However they are unlikely to disappear completely.

How to reduce the appearance of scars
Cosmetics can be used to camouflage scarring and birthmarks, and can help with confidence particularly for scarring on the face.

Pressure dressings, corticosteroid injections and surgery are also options you can explore with your doctor if your scarring is painful, itchy, restrictive or unsightly.

Silicone based gels and sheets can soften and smooth the appearance of scars by forming a waterproof, hydrating membrane over the injury.

Tower Health's natural scar treatment
Bio oil and massage are recommended by many to help improve the appearance of scarring. For light scarring the natural Medosan blemish cream effectively fades away scars and blemishes.