Understanding Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain - mostly caused by tension, stress, overuse and mild injuries

Everyone suffers from achy, painful muscles at some point in their lives, and the medical term for muscle pain is myalgia. It can range from being mildly painful to excruciating and can affect one or more muscles.

What can cause muscle pain?
Tension, stress, overuse and mild injuries are the most common causes of muscle pain. This type of muscle pain tends to affect one muscle or group of muscles in the body, although if you have overexercised without sufficient warm-up you may find a number of the muscle groups you used in the exercise are affected.

Illnesses such as flu and lupus can cause systemic muscle pain (pain throughout the body). Fibromyalgia causes chronic (long-term) muscle pain which affects the whole body and leads to tenderness in joints, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia is surprisingly common with 1 in 20 people affected worldwide. It is most common in women, between 30 and 60, and as well as muscle pain can cause headaches, difficulty sleeping and irritable bowel syndrome. The cause is unknown, and diagnosis is through tests which rule out other possible conditions.

Muscle pain relief
For overuse and minor injuries the best treatment for muscle pain is rest, ice, and using a compression bandage and elevating the affected muscle to reduce swelling.

Massage can often help with all forms of muscle pain, as it can help to stretch and relax the muscles in the body and also relax the mind. Utilising a muscle and joint gel in your massage or a capsaicin cream may also be beneficial. Exercise can also help restore muscle tone. Initially exercise should be gentle and swimming can be good as your body is supported by the water.

If your muscle pain persists you should visit your doctor and they may be able to recommend a particular medicine or therapy to help, or refer you to a specific pain clinic.

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