Understanding Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss - or deafness can range from mild to severe or profound Types of Hearing loss 

Depending on the cause of your hearing loss, it may be temporary or ongoing. It is estimated around 10 million people in UK suffer from some level of permanent hearing loss.

Conductive hearing loss - where sound waves are blocked by a condition such as an ear infection, glue ear, ear wax build-up, a perforated ear drum or damage to the tiny bones in your ear which help you to hear.

Sensorineural hearing loss - commonly occurs due to ageing or injury, and is where damage has occurred to the hairs within the ear or the auditory nerve. 

Mixed hearing loss a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. 

Tinnitus can also result in hearing problems, but isn't a form of hearing loss. Instead the ringing or other noises in your ear make it harder to hear other sounds.

Hearing loss treatment
If you have an ear infection, glue ear or a build up of ear wax then treating this will help to relieve your hearing loss. For more permanent hearing loss a hearing aid may be needed. Hearing aid technology has come on a long way, allowing them to be much smaller and more discreet whilst still having the same effect. Tower Health offer the Magic Ear hidden hearing aid which fits behind your ear so no-one need know you are wearing it. With a sensitive microphone and volume control, its is easy to adjust to your environment and outperforms many more expensive models!