Understanding Hirsutism (Excessive Hair Growth)

Excess hair - in unwanted places can cause you to feel uncomfortable, shy or embarrassed

Having excess hair in unwanted places can cause you to feel uncomfortable, shy or embarrassed. In most cases it is not a medical issue but something you may feel you need to get rid of in order to feel happier and more confident.

Excess Hair in Women
For women dark hair on the upper lip, as sideburns, or hairs on the chin can cause anxiety on a day to day basis in social situations. Other problem areas can be the chest, back, abdomen and buttocks.

Excess hair in women is known as hirsutism and is caused by an higher than normal level of male sex hormones called androgens. There is not always a known cause of hirsutism but it can be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Hirsutism in pre-menopausal women may be helped by the contraceptive pill.

Women often experience an increase in the thickness of their hair when they are expecting. In some women this can be more pronounced causing them to have excess hair during pregnancy on unwanted areas of their body.

Excess Hair in Men
Excess hair may be seen as less of a problem in men than it is in women, as there can be less stigma attached. However it is still important to feel comfortable in your body, and excess hair may cause you to feel uncomfortable in changing rooms, sports or in intimate situations.

Hairiness in men tends to run in the family, and is also due to higher than normal levels of male hormones. If you have a sudden increase in the amount of hair growth on your body as an adult male though this is something you should get checked out.

Tower Health's natural Excess / Unwanted Hair Removal solution  
There are a number of options for hair removal and which you choose will depend on the area of your body where you have unwanted hair, and also your personal choice. Trimming, shaving and waxing are all options to consider, with waxing being a more painful but longer term solution.

Hair removal creams are pain-free and longer lasting than shaving. The cream works on your hair follicles neutralising growth. They can also be completely natural and fast working like the Herbal Skin Doctor range. This contains a depilatory cream, soothing skin gel to help prevent soreness and best of all an inhibitor spray which slows regrowth leaving you hair free for longer. These are all available from Tower Health in a money-saving triple pack as part of our range of effective natural hair removal products.