Understanding calluses

Calluses - hardened patches of skin most commonly found on the feet and hands What are calluses? 

Calluses are hardened patches of skin that can be found anywhere on the body, but are most common on the feet and hands. They develop when your skin is exposed to regular rubbing, friction or irritation and are designed to protect your skin and flesh.  

Corns are often confused with calluses and indeed are very similar. Corns tend to be on the tops and sides of toes and are more defined, whereas calluses can be more widespread and are often yellowy in colour.

What causes calluses?

One of the most common causes of both corns and calluses is high heels. These often squash the toes together and most of your weight on the ball of your foot. Other types of ill-fitting shoes or lots of running or walking are other common causes.

How to treat Calluses

A number of products can help treat your calluses; removing patches of hard skin growth and getting your feet or hands back to being smooth, soft and feeling comfortable again.

A callus cream will then help soothe and relax your feet, moisturising your skin and keeping it smooth and soft. Pedosan foot cream contains cinnamon which is said to help to bring blood and nutrients to the surface of the skin and cause minor swelling and plumping that can help cushion your skin.

finally and perhaps most importantly is to understand what has caused your calluses and prevent them from reoccurring. You may not want to give up your high heels or your workout routine but make sure to give your feet a rest from time to time and give them some tlc.

Luxis cushioning insoles are hugely popular in Europe and are now available from Tower Health. They cushion your feet, improve your posture and help to redistribute body weight. They shape themselves to your foot, so you can soon say goodbye to aching, painful feet and calluses and hello to soft and soothed feet.