Understanding Bites & Stings

Bites / Stings - from an insect can cause an itchy, swollen and red patch on the skin What are the most common bites/stings? 

A bite or sting from an insect can cause an itchy, swollen and red patch on the skin. In the UK the most common types of sting are bee and wasp stings, whereas bites are common from mosquitos, midges, fleas and bedbugs. Stings tend to be a defence mechanism whereas an insect will bite you to puncture your skin in order to feed.

Both bites and stings can be painful but are harmless in most people. In rare cases you may suffer an allergic reaction, also known as anaphylaxis which would mean you need urgent medical treatment. This is the case if you suffer from difficulty breathing or swallowing, dizziness, a fast heart rate or nausea or vomiting.

How to prevent Bites / Stings

If you are at particular risk of getting bitten or stung, or the consequences may be worse than a standard reaction, then you may want to look at ways to prevent or reduce the risk of bites and stings. Insect repellent creams and sprays, protective clothing and a mosquito repellent device are all options available to you.

For travel, Tower Health’s range of mosquito repellent includes both a plug-in mosquito repellent for your room, and a portable battery operated one that can be attached to clothing or worn on your wrist.

How to treat bites and stings

If you are bitten or stung, firstly wash the affected area to make sure it is clean, make sure any sting is removed from the wound, and then add a cold compress if possible to reduce swelling. Try to not scratch the area.

Antiseptic creams or natural options such as tea tree and aloe vera are effective for bites and stings – soothing the affected skin.

For a clean, non-fussy solution to insect bites and stings consider ItchGone. A portable first aid kit or handbag sized device it works to stop histamine release which stops the itching and stinging. One click of this fast working solution can last for up to 24 hours of relief, although should you need to use it again, you can without concern as it is drug free and you can't overdose. For under a tenner your family can benefit from over 1000 bite and sting treatments!