Understanding Anal Itching

Anal itching - is an irritation or inflammation at the exit of the rectum

What is anal itiching? 

Anal itching or an itchy bottom is a surprisingly common problem, but one that you may feel uncomfortable sharing with family members or your doctor. It's medical name is pruritis ani or anusitis and it is an irritation or inflammation at the exit of the rectum. Anal itching is not a condition in itself, instead it is a symptom of a wide range of other factors. 

Common complaints associated with anal itching are intense itching, burning, soreness and sometimes pain. It can occur in anyone, at any time, although it is more common after going to the toilet especially if stools are runny. Heat, moisture (including sweat), some clothing or toiletries can be simple causes of itching or make anal itching worse.

What causes anal itching?
Anal itching can be caused by a range of conditions . 

  • yeast infection
  • psoriasis
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
  • haemorrhoids

It can be short-lived or it can be an ongoing complaint. If your anal itching persists it is worth checking with your doctor. In rare cases it can be a sign of anal or bowel cancer.

How to treat anal itching
It is beneficial to make sure the area is cleaned regularly with non-perfumed soap, kept dry and to wear cool, loose fitting clothes.

Tower Health's natural anal itching solution - ansan forte cream 
An anal soothing cream can also provide relief and can provide an easy, embarrassment free treatment for anal itching. Squeeze a small amount of cream onto your toilet tissue and the plant extracts will help eliminate the itching and burning.