Fisiocrem 60 ml

  • Soothes and relaxes contracted muscle areas
  • Powerful natural formula
  • Contains Arnica, Marigold, St John’s Wort, Menthol, and Tea Tree Oil

  "Fabulous product. Easy to use and really eases pain."

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Fisiocrem Solugel muscle rub is a natural and powerful formula designed to relieve contracted and tense muscles and joints without a trip to the physio. Perfect for any tense area, applying this product can help you to get back to your normal self.

Perfect for after muscle exertion or sporting activities

  • Soothes and relaxes contracted muscle areas
  • Powerful natural formula
  • Contains Arnica, Marigold, St John’s Wort, Menthol, and Tea Tree Oil

Arnica Montana

Also commonly referred to as Wolf’s Bane, Arnica Montana is a flower extract best-known for its use in natural cosmetics and homeopathic treatments for bruising and inflammation. When applied topically it has a powerful soothing effect that helps to relieve pain as well as maintaining good skin health and restoring suppleness. It has been used for centuries to help bruising and injuries such as sprains, solidifying its medical properties.

Hypericum (St John’s Wort)

Known as “St John’s Wort”, Hypericum has a long history of use for its anti-microbial properties, but this supplement has a wide variety of uses today. Helpful for treating everything from wounds and bruises to anxiety and neuralgia, St John’s Wort has been proven to help calm nerves and help promote a feeling of all-around wellbeing. This herbal therapy is also an effective analgesic, significantly helping to relieve symptoms of pain.

Calendula (Marigold)

Calendula is an oil extracted from the flowers of marigold plants. The primary benefits of Calendula are its anti-inflammatory properties, and it is even commonly used clinically in the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders. Aside from its healing properties it also has a pleasant fragrance which makes it even more popular. Calendula’s benefits are vast and it has even been proven to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It is thought that the chemicals contained in the calendula plant assist the regeneration of tissue and reduce swelling.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil)

Tea Tree oil, well known in Australian folklore, has now become a standard treatment for wounds and minor skin infections across the globe. It has powerful antibacterial properties and has been proven in clinical trials to be effective in treating ailments as diverse as dermatitis, acne & MRSA. Originating from the Melaleuca Alternifolia, a small tree native to Queensland, tea tree oil has been used for centuries, confirming its healing properties.


Typically derived from peppermint, eucalyptus, and pennyroyal, menthol has many little-known health benefits. The cooling sensation created by menthol is perfect for soothing overheated muscles and joints. The cooling effect even acts as pain relief for tender muscles. Menthol can even be used in treating bruised or damaged areas. The pleasant hints of minty herbal aroma add to Fisiocrem’s clean, fresh fragrance

Take a liberal amount (approximately 1 teaspoon/5 ml) and rub gently into affected areas of contracted, tense, or painful muscles and joints. Use 2-3 times per day, or more frequently if the pain does not subside. Always read the label and use it only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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