Portable Dust Mite Controller

A tiny matchbox-sized device to control dust mites wherever you are. Emits ultrasonic protection that you can't hear - but dust mites can. Great for your pocket, handbag or glove box. Includes batteries.

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Be protected from dust mites wherever you are with the Mini Dust Mite Controller. Extend your protection from dust mites in the form of this new battery powered portable device. Similar to the size of a small matchbox, the Mini Dust Mite Controller can be taken with you to provide you with 3 meters of coverage wherever you are. Simply pull out the red tab to activate for approximately 1 year.

The device works in exactly the same way as the plug-in dust mite controller, releasing inaudible ultrasonic waves to reduce allergens and over time the dust mite population. Why not place one in your car to protect you from dust mites whilst on the move or on your desk to stay allergy-free while you work? With its handy size and great value your dust mite protection needn’t stop when you leave home.

Dustmite Controller Mini Benefits

  • No chemicals
  • Totally safe for humans and pets
  • Clinically and scientifically proven
  • Helps reduce the risk of Asthma
  • Battery powered and portable

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